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Who it's for

You are graphic designer, blogger, business owner, crafter, DIY-er and a flower-lover too (who isn't ?), then these graphics are made for you as they provide you with a solution to create eye-catching designs with ease and for just about any of your projects.

You can easily mix together all the different packs from my watercolor collection.

You‘ll be able to make wonderful creations while pairing them however you like.

Just enjoy and have fun !

What do I get when purchasing these items ?

Digital files, instant download after purchase, ready for use.

Depending on the packs/sets you buy, the content will vary, each item is shown in the presentations and the product description will give you the detailed or approximate dimensions per item( this will be specified), so you can know if the sizes fit your design.

Generally speaking, a pack in my Creative Market shop contains :

- multiple wreaths (approx. 4000 to 3500 pixels = 33,87 to 29,63 cm = 13,33 to 11,67 inches, while a wedding invitation is mostly 7 x 5 inch)

Sizes can be manipulated in editing software such as Photoshop or an online image editor

- multiple embellished frames ovals, round, square, rectangular and other, in about the same dimensions as the wreaths

- multiple floral arrangements (corners, floral drops, floral strings, all sorts of other arrangements)

- a large amount of separate elements like florals, leaves, twigs, petals, seeds, seedpods, etc etc, that you can use in any way you like.

You can create your own arrangements, or use textures on them, or play around with different blending modes (Photoshop), distort, flip, use as overlay over your photos or texts, or whatever you want.

- some packs have seamless patterns, premade cards, splashes, check it out in de presentations & product descriptions.

My upcoming Etsy Shop will present a lot smaller sets, for when you need only a few items, saves you money.


Do I need Photoshop?

No, it is also possible to use the PNG files in a free « design maker, idea realizer » software like Picmonkey, Canva (free online) or others, to make your creations.

Editing the colors (temperature, brightness, saturation, contrast...)is also possible, though a bit limited in these applications, Photoshop is better for that.

If you want to try out some possibilities, use the free sample set I made available for subscribers.

Can I use them for my wedding invitation suite ?

Yes ! Often a pack has a main color way, which is great for wedding stationery. The graphics perform well on white, colored or even very dark backgrounds, anything is possible !

Also because of the multiple items per pack, you can vary a lot, while keeping the same theme across your suite.

Even for the wedding signs the packs are perfect, because the image size is large enough.

The result will be a very personal and professional looking design.

Am I permitted to use these items for my blog?

Yes you can ,no matter the number of page views, no extra costs :) !

Great for headers, break up text blocks, add spring/summer/ autumn or winter vibes, etc.

Can I make physical products for sale ?

This is a question for FOR BUSINESS OWNERS, e-book sellers etc....

When you buy the graphics, you buy under the standard licence, this means personal & charitable  use is OK (see *** below for restrictions) and creating things to sell is also OK.

But not more than 500 units (lifetime sales).

This is you or your client who you purchased the items for.

If you will sell over 500 units, the extended licence is required, which in my case is extra very friendly priced for small businesses.

This licence permits sales upto 2000 units.

Exceeding 2000 units ? Please contact me.

*** Please bear in mind that the Items may not be used in a stand alone fashion, but need to be part of a new wider design. This is important.

More info here:

Cannot be included in or used as a giveaway, freebie 


It all begins by painting after life the flowers in my garden and those of other happy gardeners well-willing to participate in the on-going project.

It has become a wonderful blend of cultivated flowers and wild ones too. Also grasses, leaves and herbs, little fruits and sticks and twigs and....oh, so much more.

Some in vibrant colors and others in muted pinks and peach tones, soft blushes and cream.

The delicate watercolors are then carefully digitized in super high resolution, to be able to capture every detail and nuance of the shifting colors, so typical for this paint technique and the essence of it’s charm, really.

Because of this high resolution plus our large file sizes, your items can very well be used not only in arrangements, but as a stand alone too, because there are so many beautiful details to be seen.

Even the grain of the specific aquarelle paper may show.

After being digitized, the watercolor washes are then isolated from their background and cleaned by hand, no magical wand here… :)

Rather a lot of time consuming dedication, aiming for a high standard quality product for your designs.

One of the things we also try to do - apart from maximize detail - , is applying a color and contrast correction that gives you a lot of creative possibilities to customize the item to your design.

You can tweak the colors to make them as light/pastel as you like, while all the gradients are there if needed, for a more saturated color scheme.

Our color correction is done on a calibrated monitor while using daylight bulbs to provide a screen display that simulates ink colors printed on paper, but please note that an other screen might show the colors in a slightly different way.

So, in short, these professional quality items are lovingly made for you, with your creative needs in mind.

Please don’t hesitate to contact me should you have any questions (or ideas, or projects) I'm happy to help!

Thanks for visiting!

I would love to connect with you on social media.

Whether you'd like to give feedback on my work, or just want to chat, it's always my pleasure to hear from you, see your creations...

Hope you'll enjoy every moment of using these graphics!

Happy creating !




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