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$18 - Pearly White 

Album No.1


Album No.2


$13 - Wisteria

Album No.3


$12 - Pink Peonies 

For Designers, Bloggers,

crafters, DIY-ers...

we digitize our watercolor paintings.

This clipart can be used in any image editor (like free online software Picmonkey or Canva) or in Word,

to create your wedding invitation suite, blog banners, instagram posts, t-shirts, cases, bags, home decor...

We propose pre-made arrangements and separate floral items too, for customization. Totally new arrangements can be made by simply layering the items.

Inspired by vintage botanicals, our modern florals too are recognizable by species and often little bits & pieces are added,  like petals, seeds, seedpods.

For Designers, Entrepreneurs, Bloggers, Crafters, DIY-ers ...

Gorgeous Watercolor Flower Clipart & Design Resources


I'm Anna, a Dutch designer living in France.

Passionate about stylish interiors, paint, color, patterns and  w i l d l y  fond of flowers!

As a pattern & tableware designer, illustrator (and more...), flowers are my muse(s). 

I've made lots of my flower illustrations  available for you & your projects (heaps more coming!)

and here you'll find what you can do with these images and how to use them. 

It's fun and hopefully helps you in making stunning designs!

More details here.

Looking for exclusive designs for your brand?

welcome your inquiries about freelance/project based artwork, exclusive licenses, just drop me a message!

Look At These Examples :

For Designers, Bloggers,

crafters, DIY-ers...

we have digitized my watercolor paintings. 

So now you can create your totally customized wedding invitation suite, blog banners, instagram posts, t-shirts, home decor, tags, cases, bags, personalized stationery, clocks, leggings, caps,

quotes, you name it ...


You can use this clipart in Photoshop or in ANY other image editor (like free online software Picmonkey, Canva) or Word. 

You'll not only get pre-made arrangements ready to use, but

we also added the separate florals, so you can customize or create totally new arrangements 

by simply layering them!

Easy peasy to create amazing designs in the blink of an eye!

Sign up if you'd like to receive 2 free examples!

How to use

Don’t hesitate to contact me, should you have any questions (or ideas, or projects), I'm happy to help!


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